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who we are

TAP was the world’s first push-button blood collection device, transforming the way we draw blood by making the process less painful, easy, and more convenient.

our product

our product

Traditional methods of blood draw through venipuncture usually require a visit to a clinic, lab or healthcare professional; where fingersticks typically involve discomfort and anxiety for the patient.

Our improved TAP II device allows patients to continue to easily draw with less pain and from the comfort of home or any other location they choose.

TAP II is placed on the upper arm and blood collection starts with a simple press of a button. The process typically takes 2-3 minutes. This innovation provides easier and more cost-effective access to high quality central lab testing and is a game-changer for consumers, the health care system, and patients.

  • TAP II is currently CE Marked and available in select European countries.
  • TAP II is available for investigational use only (IUO) in the US and is not yet FDA cleared.

our team

  • Harry Wilcox

    Executive Chairman

  • Jerry Brightbill

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Hutan Ashrafian

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Sara Gilbert Leonard

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Stephen Hahn

    Medical Advisor

  • Ros Barker

    Commercial Director, UK and EU

  • Vinny Barone

    Director of Engineering

  • Douglas Woodbury

    Director of Quality

our board of directors

  • Noubar Afeyan

    Flagship Pioneering

  • Thomas J. Cahill, MD, PhD

    Founder and Managing Partner,
    Newpath Partners LLC

  • Don Hardison

    President, CEO and
    Director of Biotheranostics, Inc.

  • Peter Hutt, JD

    Senior Counsel,
    Covington & Burling, LLP

  • Robert Langer, SCD

    Institute Professor, MIT

  • Harry Wilcox

    General Partner,
    Flagship Pioneering

  • Ara Darzi

    Chairman, Preemptive Medicine
    and Health Security Initiative,
    Flagship Pioneering

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