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August 2022

Antibody Response Following COVID-19 Boosters During the Omicron Wave in the United States: A Decentralized, Digital Health, Real-World Study

what we do

Remote blood collection technology

From clinical trials, to wellness testing, and telehealth, we enable virtually painless blood sample collection. We leverage world-class labs to deliver high-quality results. Collect in any environment including at home or in a clinical setting.

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clinical trials

We empower decentralization of clinical trials from device sales to sample tracking

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wellness testing

Virtually painless blood collection makes testing your patients simple and convenient

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discover TAP® II

discover TAP® II

Our device, kits, and reporting services can be customized for any clinical trial or wellness testing application, and the capillary whole blood samples can be processed at any central lab. Collecting blood with TAP II is less painful than fingerstick or venipuncture, using microneedles thinner than an eyelash.

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who we are

We are a team of dedicated scientists, innovators, and human-centric people focused on advancing decentralized clinical trial monitoring and providing individualized data to enable personal health choices, such as managing wellness and disease.

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